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Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs are perfectly designed to work on any size screen. Not only are they responsive, but carefully optimized to act appropriately on any screen size. Spend less time worrying about multi-screen optimization and more time creating the site you want.


Touch Swipe Navigation

Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs supports touch swipe navigation on touchscreen devices including platforms such as iOS and Android devices. MModebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs simulates same navigational feel as using a mouse for fast and smooth transitions on any device.

Animated Layers

Creating eye-catching, interactive slides is a snap with Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs. Technologies that allow you to Insert or embed HTML formatted text, links, images or video directly into each slide is available at Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs.

Master Slider Animated Layers

25+ Starter Templates

Finding inspiration and building great website sliders is a simple as one click. Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs recently released their 25+ top ultimate built-in starter web design & development template prepared with placeholder content and images. The whole process is to show users the true skills and capabilities from the stable of Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs.

Interactive Transitions

Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs has access to unlimited unique slide transitions which were developed by Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs using the latest techniques and technologies. The goal was to provide the best, super smooth transitions across as many browsers and devices as possible for any web development project produced by Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs.

Master Slider Transitions


Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs brings the power of mouseover hotspots directly into the slide. Get a unique user-experience with circle hotspots and powerful call-to-actions, map pins and product identifiers directly onto slides.

Master Slider Parallax Layers

Parallax Effect

Have your own access to modern Parallax effects with Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs. Choose between unlimited types of effects including: parallax with mouse, parallax with swipe or parallax with scroll.

Unique Control Set

Take control over your websites’s user elements such as slide thumbnails, bullets, arrows and more. All of public-facing elements can be easily modified by user or by Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs including options such as alignment, position, margin, direction, CMS and the list goes on!


Flickr Support

Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Design's web apps are lightweight and has touch-enabled image galleries directly from Flickr! Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs can add dynamic meta data to each photo it pulls from Flickr making a seamless handshake between your website and the popular online photo sharing service.

Smart Preloading

With Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs, your web app will have image preload with many options. We will set the preload of your web app to load all images before initialize; instant initialize, which preloads images in sequence; or load nearby to load the next slide. Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Designs will Optimize your web app to maximize your web page load performance without sacrificing design.


SEO Friendly

Modebeat Digital Web & Mobile App Design's web and mobile apps are built with search engine optimization by default.
You can also easily change any type of HTML elements including headings, paragraph and lists to fine-tune your on-page SEO. Where it counts the most or we can also do it for you.


List of All Features

Everything you ever wanted in a website, all rolled up into one powerful package.
Best of all, we are just getting started!

Modebeat Digital
  • CSS3 Transitions with jQuery Fallback
  • Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross Browser IE8+ and Other Modern Browsers
  • jQuery 1.7+ Supported
  • Optimized for Any Screen Sizes and Touch Devices
  • Smart Loading Assets
  • Powerful API for Developers
  • Memory Leak Free
  • Optimized Script-based Animations
  • Touch Swipe Navigation
  • Mouse Swipe Navigation in Desktop
  • Loop and Linear Navigation
  • Shuffle Ordering Slides Option
  • Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation
  • Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs
  • Vertical and Horizontal Bullets
  • Mouse Wheel Navigation
  • Customizable Arrows
  • Scroll Handle Slide Indicator
  • Built in Deep-linking Options
  • Auto Play with Timing Options
  • Timer-bar and Circle Timer UI Controls
  • Slider Appearance
  • 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions
  • Full-width, Full-screen and Boxed Layout
  • Boxed with Visible Nearby Slides
  • Auto Height and Auto Fill Layout
Slider Capabilities
  • 4 Different Layer Types (Text, Image, Button and Video)
  • Huge Verity of Layer Transitions
  • Hotspots and Tooltips over Slides
  • Transition In and Out Available for Each Layer
  • Parallax Effect while Scrolling
  • Layers Parallax Effect while Swiping
  • Layers Parallax Effect while Moving Mouse over Slide
  • Binding Special Actions to Layers
  • Make Slider Dynamically From Flickr Photosets or User Latest Photos
  • Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  • HD Video Backgrounds for Slides
  • Instant Initializing
  • Custom Pattern and Color Overlay
  • Auto Resizing and Aligning Layers while Resizing
  • Option to Liking Slides, Layers and Hotspots

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